Letter to the editor: Local cemeteries not being kept up


Have you had a reason to go to any of the local cemeteries? Lost a friend or loved one lately? Maybe you should take a tour of these historic sites and see how they look and what shape the grounds are kept. There are only 3 or 4 employees to maintain 3 cemeteries. They don’t have proper equipment and when something breaks down it isn’t replaced. They don’t even own a push mower at Rosemary where there are slab markers and a lot of markers to cut around. All they have are weed eaters and summer hasn’t even started yet.
I have 4 lots, 3 in Garden Hills and 1 in Rosemary. There was a time you could work on your own lots, but the City of Opelika stopped that and now I have reached an age I am not longer able. This week when I went to Rosemary to take Mother’s Day flowers, weeds were whacked off that were knee high and clumps of grass clippings were scattered on my lot in uneven mounds. Some lots were not cut and still had high grass. What is the problem and where is the tax money and budget for cemeteries to be kept up? It is common knowledge that someone left a substantial amount of money to the city to keep up Rosemary since it is a historical site, but it certainly doesn’t appear it is being used in the manner he allocated. What has happened and where is the money?
Is this the respect we show to our relatives or friends and the round they are buried on?
A further ride down to our sister city and their cemeteries look very well kept and even have flower paved entrances. Maybe we need to get some pointers from them in how they manage to keep theirs so well maintained.
Evelyn Edge


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