Letter to the editor: For the sake of patriotism


Dear Editor,
For the  sake of the all  mighty  dollar patriotism is on the auction  block. Our military  has been  paying NFL teams for  the  privilege of putting on patriotic  events at  NFL games. What a shame and disgrace. All this while now, multi-million dollar NFL players refuse to stand with  their  hand over  their heart for the  pledge of allegiance to our Nations Flag, They cover the logos on their helmets with duct tape and they get away with it under the guise  of freedom of speech or something like that.  Where are the team owners on this? Where are  the fans  on this? Is nothing sacred anymore? We have twisted and tangled our American values into a politically  correct soup, so toxic that it’s making true God fearing American Patriots sick to their stomachs.
Patriots, especially those old enough to remember past wars and the history of our struggle for  independence, families who had loved ones die on foreign battle fields. Some who came back wounded for life, all who had fought  and gave their all for that flag. That it would forever wave over the land of the free and yes, for that ungrateful, unappreciative, pampered group of politically correct humanity among us who would disrespect it and trample it under foot, along with many  other long held American values.
This was further pointed out to us in the recent FBI investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails. Local attorney Jimmy  Sprayberry recently  hit the nail  on  the head with  his letter to the  editor where he pointed out the gross inconsistence of the findings with the lack of a recommendation for prosecution . To most it appears that this should have been a slam dunk for prosecution, but as some have said it looks like the fix was in.
This sordid disregard for our nations traditions and values is spreading to other groups and  organizations and who  knows where it  will stop. Will the military be next ? Yes, if  the  current trend continues. Just  this  week, the  word MAN  was  dropped by the Navy as referenced to various specialties such as  yeoman, fireman,  and others. Terms which have honored the skill of these sailors for generations in the enlisted ranks. What will be the new name for policeMAN  be if this continues?
In years past America has come  to grips with communism and put it down when it was trying to  get a toe  hold here. During World War II, we stood up against the Germans and  Japanese who were our enemies at the time, on the battle field and here at home, Sympathizers for the causes  of our enemies were dealt with  harshly. We believed and  lived  by that truism “if you are not with us, you are against us”. This thinking served us well in the past, as no one has yet prevailed against us so far, but ominous clouds are gathering.
As patriots, we are seeing our  Nation being changed into something that is pulling us apart and destroying us from within, political correctness, diversity and disregard for our laws and traditions. Over the years many have written, mostly our adversaries but not all, that America will fall from within. If some of us don’t wake up, they dang well may be right.
Slaton Crawford


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