Letter to the Editor:  For Mayor Anders



Dear Mayor [Anders],

This is the last council meeting for this council, it has accomplished a lot for the city in ways of Brick & Mortar, but citizens sometime feel that the council does not listen to their concerns.

Should this Ordinance revoking a business license that is before the council be decided in such a hasty manner.  A decision that will affect every business from small to large that provides the majority of revenue for the City of Auburn.

This ordinance allows the present and all future Auburn City Governments to revoke any license for any reasons.  If there is a specific need then state in this ordinance.

Has this council been given the proper data to decide the fate of this Ordinance.

1. Should the City of Auburn add another burden onto its business owners because Auburn is the only top 10 city in Alabama not to have a similar ordinance while shifting the burden of proof from the City of Auburn to the Auburn Businesses?  When did Auburn become a follower instead of a leader?

2. Has the Council been given copies of all 9 ordinances of the other top 10 Cities so they could compare the languages?

3. How many businesses has each council member contacted in their ward concerning this ordinance in getting proper feedback?

4. How many of the Top Ten Alabama Cities revoked licenses under a similar ordinance in the last 10 months?

Quote:  Auburn City Manager, October 18. 2022 Auburn City Council Meeting

“Opelika has had this in effect since 2007″…. “In the local area, I do not know how often Opelika has invoked this but I do not recall a time I read an article in the newspaper about it.  So, I think it is an extreme rare circumstance that any city invokes this.  But it is just a tool in the toolbox, if and when necessary.”

5. Has the City of Auburn utilized the Auburn Chamber of Commerce in contacting its members concerning this Ordinance?

6. How many business licenses have been revoked in Auburn in the last 10 months?  How many in the last 5 years?  How many business licenses has the city not been able to revoke in the last 10 months without this ordinance and their names?

7. Should the Mayor appoint a Task Force made up of businesses to give proper input by those that will be affected?

Without proper information, great decisions will not be made! 

As I have mentioned in other council meetings this is not a Brick and Mortar decision but a decision that effects individual owners and its employees of those businesses.  Be prudent in your decision.

Maybe this council will give the responsibilities to the new council and a vision to put less burden on the Auburn Businesses and Citizens by evaluating many of its useless ordinances and dissolve them.

Let’s become Leaders of Tomorrow! Not to be “just another tool in the tool box.”


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