Letter to the Editor: Downtown restaurants must improve service, food quality


Dear editor, 

I am a longtime Opelika resident, and I have been very excited about the growth and refurbishing of our downtown area. I do have a concern that I would like to address.

When I have visitors, I have loved taking them downtown to eat at the restaurants here. Lately, however, I have had a number of instances at various restaurants in downtown Opelika that concern me. They have included finding hairs in our food; being served on dishes or with silverware that had food leftover from previous patrons; having take out be completely wrong more than once; touching grimy salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup containers; finding foreign objects in our drinks; overhearing staff fighting with one another and another time overhearing them making fun of customers; and watching staff stand outside smoking and yelling at people on the street.

I am writing not to destroy these restaurants. I want them to succeed.  I’m writing to ask that the owners of these establishments to take charge of their businesses and step up their game. They simply need to be aware of what is going on whether they are physically present or not.

Patrons deserve a clean and pleasant experience with well-prepared food. I want to enjoy these restaurants myself and to be able to share our beautiful little town with friends when they visit.


Katie Summer


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