Letter to the Editor: ‘Debbie Wood is the clear choice’


The election in November for District 38 is a clear choice. Debbie Hamby Wood has spent her life in the district.
A graduate of Beulah High School, she has often donated to the school and neighboring elementary school. As a parent, I appreciate this support which has benefited my children and other children.
On the other hand, I am unaware of Brian Mcgee being involved in any District 38 school until he started his campaign. Debbie Hamby Wood owns a successful, long established small business with employees and years of satisfied customers in Valley. Decades ago, Brian McGee served our nation in the Army but I am not aware of any experience in any leadership positions that he has held in District 38.
Debbie Hamby Wood is a county commissioner, holds civic positions, and is widely known in her community. Brian Mcgee has never held a public office though he did have a failed U.S. Senate bid.

Jeremy Crowder


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