Letter to the Editor: Beulah is a great place to live


The Beulah area is a great place to live. Small area, spread out and very different people. Neighbors saying kind things to each other. If you didn’t have a kind thing to say, you didn’t say anything at all because your momma raised you right. 

That stopped happening awhile back. Folks became focused on people making decisions about their property, fixated on a company bringing careers to the area. Hateful comments to folks, threatening action against people who’ve lived in this community for generations.

Maybe the community will take their anger and frustration out on the one who’s actions are showing how he feels about his community.

Robert Ham has been county commissioner for around 10 years or so. We all know he owns a company and dump trucks previously seen on the quarry property. He doesn’t respond to comments or emails from his constituents and makes decisions we as a community don’t support.

I’ve seen people being called greedy, selfish, nuisance and a lot more unsavory things on social media. For someone who doesn’t want the quarry here, Mr. Ham can’t wait to line up to collect. He won’t respond to comments, emails and the last time I checked, his voicemail was full.

His actions show that his business is more important than community. How many other times in the past has it seemed the decisions favored someone or something other than the community? This quarry was in the works for some time, getting permits and other things needed to start.

Stop attacking your neighbors who had no choice. Stop attacking people who are trying to make a living for their family. Stop attacking a company bringing jobs into the area. Our local government has stopped working with our best interests in mind.

Rudy McCumsey

District 4
Beat 13 taxpayer


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