Letter to the Editor and OCS


OCS Board Members, I hope all is well with you. I have a question regarding the new appointment of Dr. Farrell Seymore. In late January, Dr. Neighbors announced his retirement and within two months we have a new superintendent. Was there a public forum for parents and OCS stakeholders to voice any concerns or address any questions with the candidates? Were any other candidates interviewed? What is the normal policy for these types of positions? From my research, when hiring Dr. Neighbors, these types of meetings mentioned took place and parents’ opinions were considered, or at least it appeared that way. Why were OCS parents and stakeholders not given a voice in this very important matter. For a position that impacts the education and trajectory of 1,000s of students and families, it would have been nice to have been involved in the process.

Please understand that I am not questioning the choice of Dr. Seymore, I have met him once and I appreciated his kindness and passion for his students. I am simply curious about this process.

Per your bylaws: www.opelikaschools.org/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=23924270

ARTICLE VI – PERSONNEL SECTION 1: Positions The Opelika City Board of Education, on the recommendation of the Superintendent, shall classify and authorize the positions for personnel which are necessary for the operation of the Opelika City Schools. The Board of Education will also, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, approve a salary schedule for all teaching and administrative positions during each fiscal year.

Was Dr. Seymore recommended by Dr. Neighbors and therefore a formal process was not taken?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,
Katie Kingston


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