Letter to the Editor



To the Alabama Democratic Party voters, The Birmingham News headlines read for today. Sunday, May 14, 2022, “meet your candidates”, as the paper paraded the pictures of the three Republican candidates as the main headline. The headlines did not read meet your Republican candidates for the state of Alabama U.S. senatorial race. As a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate for Alabama to replace the retiring Senator Richard Shelby. I don’t know what was more insulting about the article headline, the $5.00 cost or making a decision for the people of Alabama which party to vote for. What an outrage by a so-called state leading news organization informing the voters throughout the state of Alabama. Trying to cause an effect on the voters, why come out to vote, the headlines the Republican candidate is going to win anyway prior to the November Election. Democrats here in Alabama, I say not this time, not without a fight for the soul of Alabama and for our children, which includes our LBGT children and its community as a whole. I say not this time Democrats, not without a fight, it’s time for a change in Alabama for the sake of our children. The Republican Party, that would build prisons for the mentally ill, rather than to put aside funds to treat the mentally ill in this state.

Please note Alabama Democrats, in 2020, it was reported Alabama had 3,708,804 eligible voters and only 2,293,813 voters cast their votes. That leaves 1,735,666 voters up for grabs Democrats, who did not come out to vote in 2020. (AL.com. Nov. 4, 2020). It is time ,Alabama Democrats, to rock & roll for the heart and soul of Alabama. This notation will be forwarded to all 67 counties, Democratic Party HQ’s, not without a fight for the soul of Alabama. 

Lanny Jackson Candidate U.S.
Senate for Alabama


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