Lessons to be learned from recent teenage deaths


What began as a dispute over a relatively small amount of money ended with one young man being forced to pay the ultimate cost.

Late last week, 17-year-old Opelika High student Martin Frazier was  killed tragically in an alleged stabbing during a dispute over money with another teenager, Darnell McCurdy.

It’s the second time this month our area has seen the untimely death of a young person, as 15-year-old Jamon Baker of Auburn was the victim of an apparent accidental gunshot on March 16.

In situations where young lives are lost, there are often many questions, but seldom any answers.

We seek guidance and solace in prayer and quiet reflection, asking a loving God to bring peace and comfort.

Peace to a family who had their smiling, youthful son snatched from them all-too-soon.

Comfort to friends who will now be forced to remember the young man who was.

One often hears phrases like “What a waste” tossed around in situations like these, but that idiom doesn’t really hold true.

While these deaths are heartbreaking and tragic, they serve as a warning to those of us still here, a reminder to be watchful and respectful of one another.

There is no argument so great that the end answer must be death.

Passions may become heated and tempers may flare, but we cannot let rage take hold and end a life. To do so would be a lessening of our own humanity.

We must remind our children that violence only brings more violence and hate with it, that compromise and mutual respect are the tools we use to interact with one another.

No argument or conflict should ever escalate to a level at which a life is taken. We all know this to be so, and we have to urge our children to see it, too.

We may never fully be able to prevent terrible events like this from happening again, but we must at least try.

For the families of Martin Frazier and Jamon Baker, we send our sincerest condolences and our prayers and thoughts are with you.

We know there is little we can say to bring you solace, but know that He is with you and that they are now safe in His eternal kingdom.


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