Lee County employees receive certificate in county government

Kendall Andrews (right) with Lee County Engineer Justin Hardee (left)

Courtesy of ACCA

The Association of County Commissioners of Alabama presented Lee County employee Kendall Andrews with a certificate in County Engineering Administration.

The group also awarded Lee County employee Martecia Rogers a certificate for completing the Basic Level Training Program.

 The Association granted the certificates at the organization’s 92nd Annual Convention.

Martecia Rogers (right) with Lee County Administrator Roger Rendleman (left).

Kendall and Martecia received their certificates at the Aug. 31 Lee County Commission meeting.
“We’re so proud of Kendall, Martecia, and the county employees across Alabama who have demonstrated their commitment to becoming better public servants by participating in this education program,” said ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield. “This is a proven program that requires participants to do more than simply show up for class. It involves a tremendous amount of dedication to making local government services better for our state’s residents.”
To receive a Certificate in County Engineering Administration, county employees approved to participate in the program must complete 60 hours of course work. The Basic-Level Training Program consists of four classes designed to provide county personnel with a solid overview of county government, and while the courses are required for personnel participating in one of the certification programs, the classes are available to employees throughout county government. 
The Association of County Commissions of Alabama is a statewide organization speaking for all 67 counties with ONE voice. It promotes improved county government services in Alabama, offers educational programs for county officials and their staff members, administers insurance programs for county governments and employees, offers legal advice and represents the interests of county government before state and federal organizations and agencies.


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