Kids on the Street: Going back to school

Kyllie – 3rd grade I am very EXCITED to return to school even though I’m doing virtual learning. I got a chance to meet my teacher. I know I will return to regular soon, but I’m so happy to finally start. Math hasn’t always been my favorite but now it is. I’m ready to show my new teacher my hard work. I’m ready to see what third grade is all about.
Millie – 4th grade
I am really happy about going to school. It has been way too long, I am just so glad that I get to see my teachers and friends. I am excited to be able to learn again. It has just been the worst experience of not being able to go to school, so I am just happy to get away from the house!
Riley – 12th Grade
I’m hyped up for this wacky and adventurous senior year!
Kentrell- 5th grade
“It’s ok.”
Elijah- 6th grade
“I can’t wait for regular school instead of virtual.”
Gabbi- 2nd grade
“I’m not excited.”
“I’m happy!”
JC – 2nd GRADE
“I can’t wait to see my friends.”


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