Keyboarding, meeting Miss America


I cut myself on a sharp object at work yesterday and have gained a whole new appreciation for thumbs.

In fact, ifitypedwithoutusingmyrightthumbthisiswhatallmytypingwouldlooklike. Having use of both thumbs is kind of important in day-to-day life. I’m sure I could adjust if I didn’t have them, but I’m glad mine is a temporary problem.

I’d like to add a special “thank you” to Mrs. Lane, who taught me to use all my fingers to type. This pecking with two fingers method that so many young people use today is ridiculous!

I suppose they have been trained by the use of cell phones. They are quite proficient at using only thumbs to pound out text messages, but I can’t imagine the Carpal Tunnel in the works over the laptops of America.

I appreciate the endless practicing of fingers on the home keys and dictation without looking. I didn’t enjoy the learning process all that much and was probably one of the slowest in the class, but I’ve got it now, Mrs. Lane! I can type almost as fast as I talk. Don’t laugh if you know me, I said “almost.”

I didn’t use a keyboard for a long time. I mostly wrote things out the real old fashion way, with pen and paper. I suffer with a little arthritis in my fingers, though. It is much easier to use the soft touch of a laptop keyboard than to try to hold the pen.

I see it as therapy. If you keep it moving, you are going to keep it …. moving. “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.”

I’m not quite sure what to do about the limited ability of my feet. They hurt so much more than they used to. Maybe I should try tap dancing.

Oh, speaking of tap dancing … I finally got to meet Miss America the other day. Many of you know her as Mallory Hagan. She was having lunch with her dad in our own O Town. Being the outgoing buffoon that I am, I walked right over to her table and proceeded to tell her the story of watching her walk away with the crown with my little girls.

When I took a breath she smiled that Miss-America-smile and asked my name. I told her and nodded toward my table where my daughter, Micah, sat with about half our family. Micah waved. Mallory sprung from her table and crossed the room to talk to her about BigHouse Foundation.

I had to laugh. Of course Miss America 2012 knows my daughter. They probably took keyboarding together.

I love life in our little town.


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