Intimidating Driving is a Crime


According to many U.S. law dictionaries, the word “intimidation” is defined as the act of frightening or threatening someone in order to force them into doing something. As in frightening drivers already established on an interstate (or other highway) when you are in the process of merging into that same lane with the intention of forcing them to make room for you. Furthermore, it is a criminal offence to act in a manner that causes another person to be frightened for his own safety, his property or that of another person.

It seems that many of us have forgotten the Alabama Driver Manual’s  []  (February, 2021 Edition, pp. 76-77) regulation which states: “Drivers on the freeway should allow room for those entering, but you must yield to them if they do not [italics added]. DO NOT come to a full stop in the acceleration lane unless absolutely necessary. When a YIELD sign is in place at an entrance ramp with no acceleration lane, entering traffic must obey the YIELD sign and stop if necessary rather than force their way into the traffic stream.”

Broken the law lately?  Please drive courteously as well as legally.

J. David Vedder

Auburn, Alabama


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