Indiana resident carves tree to honor toughness of Beauregard community

2019-04-19 Carving for Beauregard

By Morgan Bryce

Indiana native and woodcarver Jason Emmons is donating a carved tree stump to Beauregard residents with the message “B Strong” as a way to commemorate the community’s toughness in the aftermath of the March 3 tornadoes.
Set up at Price’s Small Engines in Opelika on Friday, Emmons put the finishing touches on the stump and raffled off other woodworking pieces, with proceeds being donated to Providence Baptist Church.
After observing the devastation caused by a 2005 tornado in nearby Evansville, Indiana, he said he was moved to give something to a community that lost 23 of its own during the deadly storms.
“Anybody that needs a little reminder or little pick-me-up, hopefully this will do that for them,” Emmons said.
One final feature that will be added at a later date is a plaque honoring those who lost their lives.
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