I have had ‘that day’ a few different ways


Ever have one of those days? You know what I’m talking about, we all have them.

I am not a morning person, although I love the beauty and peace I find when I am awake and outside on cool autumn mornings. I used to say the biggest stressor in my life was trying to get four kids to school before the second bell rang. I have progressed greatly in the years since I have added my beautiful adopted children, now the greater stressors wake me up just for fun! They have their own built-in alarm clocks and they are happy to share them with Mama.

I have comprised a list of some of my “Day Makers.” They are not funny! They have actually happened (thankfully, not all in one day).

1) Oversleeping, although, I have not done this since 2007, I have memories.

2) Getting through lunch before realizing I have on two different shoes. Yes, I work in public.

3) Watching my second grader walk into school with what looks like a rat nest in her hair.

4) Spilling an entire “Big Gulp” drink in the car, while driving.

5) Being so excited about it being Friday and discovering it is only Thursday.

6) Breaking up fights in the bathroom over such life threatening topics as hairbrushes and toothpaste.

7) Finding the remains of your child’s breakfast on your shoulder.

8) Forgetting to use deodorant.

9) Alerting the smoke alarm with the toaster.

10) Being told by your five-year-old that the milk in her cereal has “chunks” in it.

11) Remembering for the fourth day in a row that there is no milk, or juice, or coffee, or tea, or cola, yes, thankfully there is water from the kitchen sink.

12) Being handed three folders to sign while driving (holding a “Big Gulp”)

13) Having that fear in the back of your mind that a teacher or principal will want to speak with you … as you drive to school in pajamas.

If your day is off to a rough start, just remember to count your blessings and take every opportunity to laugh. It sure makes those days easier to deal with.


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