‘Homegirls’ Jamaican Grill’ opens at USA Town Center Monday


By Michelle Key

Homegirls’ Jamaican Grill, owned and operated by friends Tanisha Stephens and Erica Smith, opened their doors to the public Monday morning at 11 a.m.
The duo held a soft opening for family and friends last Friday night serving up traditional Jamaican favorites such as jerk chicken and ribs, curry chicken, goat and oxtail along with sides like rice, greens, cabbage and sweet potatoes.
The restaurant offered sweet potatoes with a sugared pecan topping as well as a plain version. The richness of the sweet potatoes paired well with the slight spiciness of the jerk chicken and ribs. The meat was tender, juciy and had just enough spice to feel like one was visiting the islands.
The curry chicken over the rice was delightful as well and left me wanting a piece of bread of something to dredge up the remanents of the sauce left on my plate.
The cooked cabbage was as beautiful as it was delicious. The cabbage was cooked with a mix of colorful vegetables including carrots, peas and corn. The greens were tender and fragant. Both side dishes complemented all the meats including the goat.
We somehow missed trying the oxtail, but I have no doubt that it was as good as everything else was.
For more information, call 334-444-2849 or like and follow their Facebook page “Homegirls’ Jamaican Grill.” A website is expected to launch soon. Homegirls’ is open in Suite 220 of USA Town Center, which is located at 1220 Fox Run Ave.


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