Green Joe Green


Tall, handsome, personable, athletic, well-educated, financially secure, employed by Auburn University doing environmental research, green Joe Green would be a role model for the entire world.

This bachelor is acutely aware of the dangers facing our environment and is dedicated to saving energy. He knows that we need to make drastic reductions in our energy consumption.

Follow green Joe Green thru a typical day as he consistently makes small savings that have become habit to Joe and can easily become a habit with you. If you consciously try to remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room, soon it will be automatic.

Joe is saving money on his own energy bill and he is smart enough to know that the energy (money) that he is saving his employer while he is at work contributes to the solution. We really are all in this bad economic climate together and we should do everything we can, whether we can see the direct results or not.


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