Gov. Ivey Delivering Tax Cuts, Passing Balanced Budgets, Signs General Fund




Gov. Kay Ivey on Thursday signed the General Fund with Finance Director Bill Poole, Rep. Steve Clouse (R – HD93) and Sen. Greg Albritton (R – SD22). During the governor’s state of the state address, she promised the people of Alabama that through her budget proposals, the rainy-day accounts would be fully funded, debts would be paid down and responsible investments made. She is delivering on that commitment through this General Fund. Upon putting her signature on this historic investment for the state, she issued the following statement:

 “This year’s General Fund is once again proving that Alabama’s fiscally conservative approach is churning success. Thanks to the wise approach by the Legislature over the years in saving dollars and putting these funds to good use, during my time as your governor, we have not once used the word ‘proration’ or spent beyond our means. Here in Alabama, we are not only delivering tax cuts to Alabamians, we are passing balanced budgets, and I was proud to officially put my signature on our General Fund, the sixth consecutive balanced budget I’ve signed as governor. I commend Rep. Clouse and Sen. Albritton for their leadership and for the hard work by the Legislature. We are prepaying the General Fund obligations for the People’s Trust Act through at least 2028, fully funding the General Fund Budget Reserve Fund for the first time in history, ensuring we are increasing pay for hardworking folks like our state troopers and mental health workers, and we are making historic investments in programs that will make a difference not just today, but for years to come.”


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