Glow for Epilepsy returns Sunday

Glow For Epilepsy
The 2023 Glow for Epilepsy Event will take Place Nov. 5.


OPELIKA — Compassionate Hands of Hope Inc. will hold its third annual Glow for Epilepsy event at the courthouse square in Opelika on Nov. 5.
Compassionate Hands of Hope, founded by Janataka Holmes, works toward creating awareness for families and children with disabilities.
Holmes’ personal experiences inspired Glow for Epilepsy through her son.
“My son has epilepsy, and he had to be resuscitated twice because of his seizures, so this cause is very important to me,” she said. “I am passionate about teaching others. It got to a point where I knew I had to shed light on the neurological condition.”
The Glow for Epilepsy event is open to everyone, and there will be activities for all ages, including a cakewalk, musical chairs, face painting, inflatables and food and beverages.
There will also be community resources at the event, such as the Opelika Police Department and the Opelika Fire Department. These resources will aid in the event’s purpose of awareness.
“There will be informational features there,” Holmes said. “The Opelika Fire Department has been there the past two years doing demonstrations on what to do and what not to do if you encounter someone with seizures. I feel like this event brings knowledge to or allows you to have first-hand experience on how to treat someone if you encounter them with a seizure. So, we educate and enlighten people on the things that you should do if you encounter someone with a seizure. From moving obstacles out of their way to allowing the seizure to run its course and, you know, turn them on their side, recovery position, just different things like that. So, we take away the stigma because the disorder is not contagious, and those with the disorder are humans like everyone else.”
Holmes said she is thankful to the community sponsors and partners that have supported Compassionate Hands of Hope as it continues to carry out its mission to impact the lives of the community.
Glow for Epilepsy will be held from 3:30 to 7 p.m.
For more information, contact Holmes at (334) 559-5183 or at compassionatehands


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