Global Community Day Festival Brings K-Pop Group to Opelika


By Wil Crews

MustB, a K-Pop Group from Seoul, Korea, will be performing at the Opelika SportsPlex Amphitheater on April 8 as part of the Global Community Day Festival.

“Hi, we are so happy that we are visiting Auburn University Festival,” said the group in a personalized YouTube message promoting the event. “I heard that there are fans there waiting on MustB to come. Ahh well, if they are waiting for us then it’s only right for us to go. We will see you guys then.”

The festival will run from 3 to 8 p.m., with MustB performing from 6 to 8 p.m. The performance is sponsored by Korea Foundation USA, E-Dental, Spicer’s Music, ATLocal Entertainment, city of Opelika, AU Outreach Global, Auburn University Outreach, Korea Corner and Mando.

The city of Auburn is also hosting a Global Community Day Festival, running from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Jule Collins Smith Museum.


Ÿ International fair: showcasing various products and services across the globe

Ÿ Business and trade opportunities

Ÿ Internationally focused family activities such as games, sports and musical shows

Ÿ Taste of the world: food and drink tasting

Ÿ Fashion exhibition

Ÿ International vendors selling handmade art, crafts and other goods.

All of Lee County and surrounding counties, international groups and local clubs and organizations interested in global affairs are encouraged to attend.

Presented by Auburn University Outreach, Global Community Day Festival is a day for bringing international and non-international communities together to learn and experience global culture, history and related opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world that valuing and protecting diverse cultures is more crucial than ever. Outreach Global Office believes that uniting communities to experience diverse perceptives will enhance awareness and critical thinking about social issues such as cultural differences, customs, traditions, religion, politics and the world economy.


Ÿ Bring global experiences to domestic audiences

Ÿ Help generate global cultural awareness and opportunities

Ÿ Promote world cultures and historical perspectives

Ÿ Enhance diversity, multicultural learning and understanding

Ÿ Reinforce the importance of global engagement

Ÿ Support Lee County, surrounding counties and Alabama as a whole in their respective economic growth

Ÿ Engage businesses, community leaders, clubs, governmental agencies, groups and trade organizations

Ÿ Unite various international communities.


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