‘Give me a fish to build a dream on’


Someone told me not too long ago about two men who recited poetry “way out loud” while fishing, simply because it was just a fun thing to do.

One of them would come up with a strong rendition of “Invictus” to emphasize the disappointment of losing a two-pound bass on a fly rod.

Now losing a two-pounder would call for a strong rendition to ease the pain of disappointment, but then the more I thought about it the more I realized that reciting poetry over a fish pond or a river might simply be a fun thing to do.

You really do not have to lose a fish to recite a good ol’ poem.

You could shout out or sing out while you were outside whenever you felt like it.

But then again you might need to have suffered something or won something to come up with a strong song for a strong moment.

How bout a good strong “Old Man River” to share some emotional moments with your fishing partner?

Then again if the singing got too emotional, there are those fellows in nearby woods who might question or wonder why two men were out on a boat in a pond singing.

What if someone broke out with “Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On?” Or better yet: “Give Me A Fish To Build A Dream On.”

We might be stretching things a bit.

We certainly could not suggest this idea for the hunters.

You’ve got that right, Bro.

What about athletics or games in general?

No, probably not.

Fishing seems to offer the best bet.

Come on, we’ve got bands, dancers and cheerleaders.

Let’s face it. Unless there’s some way to make money out of something, it will never catch on.

But it’s silly suggesting that fishers start singing.

Maybe so.

Gillis Morgan is an associate professor emeritus of journalism at Auburn University and an award-winning columnist. He can be reached at morgarg7@aol.com 


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