Food review: Wilton’s Catering


By Morgan Bryce
Staff Reporter

Nothing got me more excited and ready for Auburn’s match-up against LSU last weekend than the delicious Cajun cuisine I sampled from Chef Chris Wilton of Wilton’s Catering during O Town Ice Cream’s Pop-Up Lunch Friday.
Friday’s dishes included red beans and rice with Conecuh and andouille sausages, and Wilton’s Chicken Sliders served on a toasted Hawaiian roll with Texas Pete hot sauce and pickle mayonnaise.
Earlier this year, I interviewed Chris and his wife Lisa about a new restaurant they someday plan to open in Opelika. Both have strong Southern ties, and Chris said his Mobile roots bring a heavy dose of Cajun/Creole influences to their cooking.
As I started on my red beans and rice bowl, the genuineness and authenticity of the food sent shockwaves through my taste buds. I felt as if I had been transported to Baton Rouge for a tailgate outside Tiger Stadium. The bowl came with a side of rice and green onion, giving the bowl some starch and extra punch.
The slider was quite possibly the greatest sandwich I have ever eaten. Like the jazz notes that came out of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, I was greeted with a similar explosion of character and flavor in my first bite. I am known as a quick eater, but I made sure I savored and treasured every bite of that slider, which will go down as one my life’s greatest dining experiences.
I would rate this meal as 4.5 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, and every other Friday is penciled in on my calendar as ‘Wilton Day’.
According to O Town Ice Cream co-owner Angela George, the Wilton Pop-up Lunch is quickly becoming a biweekly ritual. Updates, menus and times for the lunch will be posted to the O Town Ice Cream Facebook page 2-3 days prior.
For more information, call (334) 737-5700. The shop is located at 815 S. Railroad Ave. in downtown Opelika.


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