First Baptist Church of Opelika to host major conference in April


By Morgan Bryce

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) members have decided to hold the organization’s annual American conference at First Baptist Church of Opelika on April 17 and 18.
Founded in 1980, the ICEJ was created in “recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem and its unique connection with the Jewish people.” Forty years later, the organization continues to represent the nation of Israel as well as millions of Christians and churches in the US and around the globe.
The theme of this year’s conference titled “Prepare the Way” is taken from Isaiah 40, which serves as the organization’s founding scripture. It will feature well-known worship artists and guest speakers.
“The conference will look back to God’s faithfulness in all He has done for the Jewish people in and through the ministry of ICEJ, while looking forward with excitement at how the Lord will use us all as He fulfills His plans and purposes for Israel,” organizers wrote on the website.
No prices have been set, but registration will open in the coming weeks. Visit for more event details and information.
LaQuinta at Tiger Town is the preferred conference hotel. Those who plan to stay there are encouraged to call 334-748-9000 and use the code: CGPICE.
First Baptist Church is located at 301 S. 8th St.


  1. This is a huge honor for Opelika to host this event. The ICEJ was the only Embassy in Israel’s Capital, Jerusalem, until the US Embassy moved there in 2018. In 1980, when the rest of the world was abandoning Jerusalem, a group of Christians from countries around the world determined that Christians would stand with Israel and keep their Embassy in Israel’s Eternal Capital. The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem represents Christians all over the world to the Israeli government and people. Locally, Friends 2 Israel works with ICEJ to host informational events about Israel’s Biblical importance and works to provide ways to bless Israel and her people.


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