Don’t stop learning


By Norma K. Kirkpatrick

As a wordsmith, I am enamored by the sound, the nuance, and the rhythm of words.  There is genius in all languages that allows us to try to explain to one another what we know, what we are thinking and how we feel.  Since I spend a lot of time with words, I am always looking for just the right one to express my intent.  A conversation might include:  “Do you know what I mean?  Don’t take this the wrong way.”  I have also heard comments such as, “He really put his foot in his mouth.”  Thankfully, there are people who are great at coming up with good ideas and suggestions, expressing them so well they can turn a disagreeable group of people into seeing a new vision for the future.
The word I have been mulling over this week is “knowledge”, a noun, which is more freeing than being a lesser part of speech.  We are fortunate to live in our location surrounded by opportunities to grow in knowledge.  That knowledge can lead us to avenues of new skills and interests that can show one how to apply their knowledge into the living of life,  as well as making a livelihood.
Earned degrees hanging on the wall is good for the ego, but useless if the knowledge is not applied.  Knowledge is the rich loamy soil where the roots of new discoveries grow into understanding, experience, skills, and the desire to keep moving forward.  The roots never stop growing throughout life, unless a person has decided a little learning is enough.
Another word that makes a great soulmate with “knowledge” is “wisdom”.  Put those two in your treasure chest and you will not only have knowledge, but also know what to do with it.  If you value those two words, I can guarantee your life will never be boring.


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