Dishin’ dirt at Denson Drive

Photo by Rebekah Martin

After a few weeks of having to miss pottery class, I was back at it last Friday to glaze a few of the projects I’ve made on the wheel. I think I’ve definitely improved since first beginning with Sherie and the Potters of Rocky Brook.
While my first projects that I built by hand were lacking in form and appearance, I’m actually pretty proud of these latest bowls.         So proud in fact, that they are now on display in my kitchen. My favorite of the five I finished last week is in my bedroom and acts as a catch-all pot for my jewelry.
I plan on practicing on the wheel whenever possible, but for the sake of this column, Sherie and I have decided it’s best to go back to handbuilding for now. While the wheel is enjoyable and challenging, there is not much to write about in the beginning. It takes a while to master how to center the clay, and then even longer to learn how to make more than a small pot. It is mostly about  repetition and practice.
Maybe one day when I get better and can make something a little more intricate, I’ll write another column about how that is coming along. Until then, I’ll go back to the basics. If you’re interested in learning more about pottery or taking a class, call Sherie or Charlie Mabry at 705-5558.


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