CyberZone Entertainment Center to host ‘Esports Skills Combine’ July 5-14


By Morgan Bryce

Opelika’s CyberZone Entertainment Center is inviting local gaming enthusiasts to participate in a 10-day-long Esports Skills Combine July 5 to 14.
Players will have a chance to showcase their skills and compete against others for scholarship monies and other prizes, including $50,000 in scholarships and team offers distributed following a March combine. Esports is growing and has scouts recruiting both collegiate and professional talent.
According to a description on CyberZone’s Facebook page, “players can take their gameplay and put it under the microscope for hundreds of Esports organizations and scholarship programs around the world. Whether you’re already a pro or looking to climb the ladder, you can begin your journey and get on the radar for future Esports program consideration simply by participating in the combine.”
CyberZone will be one of 350 worldwide facilities powered by Esports and gaming sabermetrics platform GYO.
There is no registration fee, but participants will have to pay charges for gaming time logged. Playing each day is not necessary to give scouts sufficient data, but more data leads to enhanced odds of being noticed by scouts.
To register, visit
For more information, call 334-737-5000 or visit The entertainment center is located at 107 N. 9th St.


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