County Sets Public Hearing For Noise Ordinance



The Lee County Commission set a public hearing to discuss a noise ordinance in Lee County Tuesday night following multiple complaints from citizens over the last several weeks.

Lee County resident, Marie Maples, had asked to be placed on the agenda for the last commission meeting but ended up postponing to Tuesday night.

Maples has spoken to the commission before, at the Sept. 13 meeting, and expressed frustrations over noise that continues to be a problem in her area.

In her stead, Carl Gagliano spoke Tuesday night. Gagliano has also spoken before the commission in the past.

“I advocate that you pass this ordinance, which I understand may come before you this evening,” he said. “And I’d like for it to have enough teeth in it to where penalties are such that people will give more consideration to other people.”

The commission voted to approve a public hearing on Nov. 29 for the noise ordinance.

Former District 2 Commissioner Sarah Brown had asked to address the noise ordinance at the last commission meeting as well. (Brown recently moved out of District 2 and is no longer eligible to serve. Gov. Kay Ivey will appoint a new commissioner for District 2.)

“We have sat it on it for a while — and it looks from the public’s perspective that we haven’t done anything about it,” Brown said in an email to commissioners. “Albeit, it may not have huge teeth but I do think [a noise ordinance] is a tool that can be used for future violation enforcement.”

For more information on the noise problem in the county:


The commission also heard an update on the solid waste plan. Following outcry from citizens at the last commission meeting, County Engineer Justin Hardee said that the county has asked for specific information from the local, private companies regarding their services.

A month ago, the Lee County Commission voted to enter into an exclusive contract with Arrow Disposal now that the county has transitioned to curbside pickup.

Originally, the county expressed that curbside collection would not change private companies’ ability to continue collecting trash. However, the commission voted to enter into an exclusive contract with Arrow, meaning local vendors can no longer provide curbside services, despite having already obtained clients.

The companies, and private citizens, attended the last commission meeting to ask the commission to reconsider. District 5 Commissioner Richard LaGrand proposed revisiting the topic but did not receive a second to his motion.

Tuesday night, however, Hardee placed it back on the agenda.

“Based on the concerns represented by citizens as well as local vendors, the environmental services department has reached out to the three local vendors the commission had approved to provide transport services under our current system, asking that they present some information to the department, the environmental services department, so that we can get some information to the county commission so that y’all can make an informed decision based on facts and information provided from them about their concerns and the consideration they are asking for,” he said.

The county has asked business owners to provide that information back by end of business Friday, Oct. 15.


– The commission approved an appointment to the Mid-South RC&D Council.

– The commission approved a Beulah Utilities District Request.

– The commission provided an update that the appeal to ADEM on the water permit for Creekwood Resources, LLC, was denied.

– The commission heard an update on the county administrator position.

– The county heard the outside contract agencies Fiscal Year 2022 information to be approved later.

– The commission heard the subdivision regulation amendments to be approved at a later date.

– The commission approved the Watoola crossing subdivision.

– The commission approved the ACCA Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurers Fund.

– The commission approved the Investment Policy for Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust.

– The commission approved an educational reimbursement request.

– The commission approved the Business Alabama Advertisement.

– The commission heard a report from Probate Judge Bill English on redistricting in the county, which will have a public hearing in November.


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