Community excellence


Wright’s Market honored by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

By Anna-Claire Terry
Staff Reporter

One of Opelika’s local businesses was recently awarded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Wright’s Market received the annual Community Excellence Award for commitment to the community and leadership in public service efforts.
Jimmy Wright, owner of Wright’s Market, has worked at the store since he was a young man in school. After buying the business and establishing a relationships with his customers, Wright decided to make it a priority to better the community and offer the best service a customer can find.
At Wright’s, emphasis is placed on affordable prices of quality products and creating a clean and safe environment for families to shop.
Wright said he believed the online voters selected his business for the award because of several community outreach projects. Wright’s established a shuttle service in 2013 that would help community members without transportation get there shopping done and be returned home safely, free of charge. Recently, Wright started an online shopping service where those with physical limitations, or those in rural areas with no grocery stores, can order their groceries and have them delivered to their door. Wright also spearheaded efforts in the Carver-Jeter Master Plan, designed to revitalize neighborhoods and promote pride in the community.
“I think we were recognized because of our food distribution services. We always try to help people who are food-insecure,” Wright said. He also added that he and his staff never set out to be recognized, and were just conducting business in the same fashion as usual. “Doing these things is not out of the ordinary for us, but it’s always nice to be recognized. We do this all the time and have always done community service projects, so there really wasn’t any pursuit of credit,” he said. “Our store has been blessed with good people who work hard and listen to our customers needs and try to make sure everyone’s needs are met.”


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