Commission Updates COVID-19 Policies

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The Lee County commission made its first revision to the COVID-19 policies since Dec. 30, 2021, on Monday night.

The change reflected several recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including removing phrasing regarding wearing masks, reducing sick leave, allowing those in contact with someone with COVID-19 to still come to work and more.

“The Centers for Disease Control updated their recommendations for isolation and precautions for people with COVID-19 and for exposure to the COVID-19 virus,” said County Administrator Holly Leverette. “The edits in our updated policy … reflect all of the CDC recommendations.”

The first reflected change removed phrasing that encouraged unvaccinated employees to wear masks.

The second change dealt with hospitalization as a result of COVID-19, requiring employees to return to work only after 10 days following first symptoms, with no fever for 24 hours and improving symptoms.

The county will now allow employees to come to work even if they have had contact with someone with COVID-19 and are not vaccinated. However, a mask is required for 10 days following exposure.

The amount of sick leave was adjusted from 80 hours to 40 hours for new employees, and a cap for sick leave balances was adjusted from 1,120 hours to 1,080 hours.


– The commission presented LUCAS Automated CPR Devices to the Firefighters Association.

– The commission heard the first reading of an appointment to the Lee County Recreation Board/Beulah/Commission District 4.

– The commission heard the first reading of an appointment to the Lee County Recreation Board/Smiths Station/Commission District 3.

– The commission set a hearing for the Lee Road 196 vacation for the April 24, 2023, meeting.

– The commission approved the allocation of ARPA Revenue Replacement Funds for the Engineering Complex.

– The commission discussed rural internet at the request of a citizen.

– The commission approved the FY2023-FY2024 Annual Levy of Alcoholic Beverage Fees.

– The commission approved an ABC License Application for Premium Pours Bartending for a one-day event.

– The commission approved an ABC License Transfer Application for Happy Hour Bar and Grill.

– The commission approved a speed limit reduction for Lee Road 371 and 785. – The commission approved two new positions for the Building and Maintenance Facility: supervisor and administrative assistant.


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