City of Opelika provides veterans with day to remember Saturday


Saturday’s remembrance of Armistice Day in downtown Opelika was one of the best Veterans Day events that I have had the privilege of attending.
From the breakfast prepared by Niffer’s at the Tracks, to the decorations in courthouse square, the speaker and the musical performances, it was all simply wonderful.
I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mayor Gary Fuller, the City Council, Leigh Krehling and the other members of the committee that organized and planned this touching event. As the wife of a United States Navy veteran, it means a lot to me to know that our adopted hometown truly cares about its veterans and their families.
One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the faces of veterans from different eras and different branches of services coming together to share their lives with one another over breakfast. The smiles on their faces as they were given hand crafted thank you cards, made by the children at Carver Elementary School were wonderful to witness.
These men and women served honorably, leaving their families behind for deployment. Many saw combat, many suffered wounds that others may never see or understand, but they did it for those neighbors. They went and served to protect their country, their families, their friends, their neighbors, their country. They deserve the gratitude of every citizen that lives in this home we call America.
So to the parents and teachers that helped the children with those thank you cards, I say thank you as well.
Thank you for taking the time to teach the children about Veterans Day, about veterans and why it is important to show them honor and gratitude. Thank you for bringing them to the ceremony and giving them the opportunity to meet men and women that have served.
Thank you to the family members of our veterans that lovingly support them through their deployments and long after those deployments have ended. It is your unwavering support that makes a difference in the lives of these men and women.
I would also like to thank the men and women that are not veterans or family members of a veteran that came out to show your support to those that have served in the military. I know just how precious our hours and minutes are and to know that you gave up your Saturday morning to come brave the wind and chilly temperatures just to say thank you to our veterans means a lot to my family and I am confident that I speak for many other veterans families as well.
I say “Thank You.”
Michelle Key
A veteran’s wife


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