City of Opelika Partners with FTP to Provide Free Parenting Classes




In response to concerns from city and county officials, schools and parents, the city of Opelika has entered an historic partnership with Frazelma Lynn, Parenting911 coach and founder of FTP: Frazelma Teaching Parents. 

The goal is to give parents an outlet to get questions answered; offer parenting strategies; help develop and improve communication; encourage relationship building, structure and cooperation; as well as to help children improve academically, socially and behaviorally at home, in schools and overall in life.

Some topics to be discussed are relationship building through trust, practicing cool-down tactics before handling situations, modeling good behavior, structured discipline, effective family management and bonding exercises.

The program focuses on reorganizing and restructuring the family culture so its members have a productive and success-driven mindset.

In these parenting sessions, Lynn said, “you will focus on creating goals and action steps to address structure, communication/relatability and empowerment. These areas help build a strong, solid, trusting family relationship where everyone is valued and all individuals have their needs met.”

The parenting sessions will be held monthly on the first Saturday of each month beginning Nov. 5, and ending in September 2023. These sessions will be held at the Opelika Public Library, located at 1100 Glenn St., and are absolutely free to the public. Parenting sessions are from 3 to 5 p.m. and are strictly limited only to residents and parents in Opelika city limits. 

Whether you are the natural parent, adopted parent or foster parent, and live in Opelika, you are welcome to come out and take part in this ongoing event.


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