City of Opelika IT Director Stephen Dawe Completes Doctorate



The city of Opelika congratulates Stephen Dawe of the Opelika IT Department or recently completing his Doctorate in Management Information Systems from Auburn University. Dawe was able to complete this degree with the full support from  the city of Opelika.

“The support from the city of Opelika has been outstanding and something to brag about to family, friends, coworkers. If it were not for the city administration and my coworkers, my personal and my professional goals would not have been met at such a high standard, and my dissertation research on smart cities and their creation and operation would not have been possible,” Dawe said.

The research conducted during his dissertation has been implemented within the city of Opelika with the support of the administration and with the guidance of Dawe’s professors at Auburn University, making a partnership that will provide value to the city  of Opelika for years to come.

Dawe maintained a 3.670 GPA while attending school and working full time. He plans to proudly walk across the stage at graduation in August.

Everyone at the city and the IT department are extremely proud of Dawe for his accomplishments in his personal and professional lives. He is an inspiration to his family, friends and co-workers.


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