Christmas cures everything


By Norma J. Kirkpatrick

I have been fighting the crud for six weeks now, and think I am getting better at last.  I am not sharing that fact in search of pity, but if you have some extra I will gladly take it.  The biggest factor working against me has been the terrible air quality combined with drought, ground fires, smoke from forests and an old building that took several days to finish burning itself out.  All of that put together will make the healthiest person gasp for a breath of fresh air.  The welcomed rains have done wonders at improving those problems.
But, I am still pouting because I haven’t been able to go to rehearsals for my church choir and Civic Chorale, nor their concerts, because my vocal chords are shot from coughing so much.  People who are having coughing spasms are not welcomed at those events.
However, it’s Christmas time.  The time when musical people unite their hearts with the sounds from the beautiful treasure chest of music, saved just for the Christmas season.  That music has been stored there every year of my life, to stir loving memories from that of a little girl to those of a mature woman.  That music is part of my identity and has helped to make me who I am.
No matter what inconveniences or hard times might come our way, we will still have Christmas and all that it means to us.  You can probably bring to memory at least one thing about a special Christmas you will never forget.  That is something no one can ever take away from you.
I am wishing a “Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year” to all people everywhere, melding humanity into the spirit of “Love” and “Peace.”  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world!  Let’s all make that wish together.


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