Character in Action award ceremony held last week


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The Family Court of Lee County held an awards ceremony last week for members of its Characters in Action program.
This program recognizes children from Lee County who, by their own actions, make a positive contribution that is above and beyond normal expectations to their home, school, or community.
Receiving awards from Judge Mike Fellows were: Elmer Bonilla, Amaud Kincy, Bryson McGlynn, Abigail Morgan and Omkar “Joe Joe” Shil.
Bonilla is the son of Elmer Bonilla and Maria Elena Cruz Yates, and is a fourth-grade student at Wrights Mill Road Elementary. He was nominated for the Character in Action award by Ms. McCord, Mrs. Pace, Ms. Keith and Ms. Thrailkill. Bonilla brings a strong work ethic and positive attitude to school every day. He is always respectful, and seeks out ways that he can help in and out of the classroom. In class, he was recently paired with a non-English speaking student from Guatemala, and willingly tends to that student’s needs throughout the school day.
Kincy is the son of Anthony Kincy, and is a first-grade student at Richland Road Elementary. He was nominated for Character in Action award by Mrs. Traylor. Kincy is a positive influence in everyone’s day. He always chooses to lift up those who need extra encouragement with his time, resources and supportive words. Recently, a classmate was struggling with reading and behavior. and Kincy took it upon himself to become the student’s “guide,” using his own time and abilities to help his classmate.
McGlynn is the son of Mike McGlynn and is a first-grade student at Jeter Primary. He was nominated for Character in Action award by Ms. Fleming. McGlynn is a seven-year old with a heart of gold and strives to help children and adults both in and out of the classroom. His best friend in Ms. Fleming’s class is a child with selective mutism. McGlynn helps the student and Ms. Fleming every day by assisting the student with conversations and understanding the expectations of the class. He is patient, kind and thoughtful with all his classmates and makes sure to treat everyone with respect.
Morgan is the daughter of Wayne and Rebecca Morgan, and is a seventh-grade student at Opelika Middle School. She was nominated for Character in Action award by Joni W. Smith and Alice Ann Glasgow. Morgan is an amazing young lady that displays great leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. Involved in multiple sports as well as student council, it is her caring heart and willingness to help her peers with special needs that inspired her nomination for Character in Action. For the last two years, Morgan has escorted the school’s special needs students to and from PE on a daily basis. She always does this with a smiling face and makes a point to ensure that all of them feel included.
Shil is the son of Swarnali Ghosh Dastdicler and is a second-grade student at Cary Woods Elementary School. He was nominated for the Character in Action award by Principal Karen Snyder. Shil has gone above and beyond to help those in need.
Before he was born, he and his mother spent six weeks in Missouri Baptist Children’s Home in St. Louis. He wanted to give back to the place that took such great care of his mom and him during their stay. To say “thank you,” he organized a sock collection at Cary Woods, where he collected more than 100 pairs of socks for the children being treated there.
Missouri Baptist Children’s Home was incredibly grateful for the generous donation and the Cary Woods community is so proud of Shil for his generosity.


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