Celebrations of Spring and March

Beth Pinyerd

By Beth Pinyerd

March 16 is recognized as “When Everything You Do is Right Day!” Readers, give yourself a pat on the back and a hug because on this day you get to feel good about everything that you do and simply appreciate yourself because you are special.

Let your children know just how special they are today. Children are to be valued and appreciated simply for being who they are.

The other day as I was out running errands, I looked at the pollen covering my yard, home and car. I stood back looking at all the beautiful azaleas that bloom in this area.

Nature provides so many good lessons for young children as we explain that the wormy little seeds that come from pine trees are the seeds to grow other pine trees and that pollen is a part of that process.

Have you noticed the beautiful dogwood trees that produce blossoms? As I sat on my back porch, I observed a big black bumblebee flying right into one of our many azaleas to be fed.

Driving around Lee County during the spring, nature’s colors are bursting out all over. The full moon on these recent springtime nights has just been beautiful to sit out and look at. And even with a little nip in the air, the weather has been enjoyable.

Spring provides a time where we just need to “stop and smell the roses” as the old saying goes. Even before the sun is up, you can hear the birds chirping away as they greet the day. As you can see just from the things I have observed, spring offers many possibilities for numerous lessons for young children. I have learned as a teacher and parent, picnics seem to be a wonderful time for togetherness, a time of looking at nature, as well as learning other skills.  

Spring is a very busy time of the year with baseball, recitals, school activities and just all of what is expected of today’s families, that sometimes family times of togetherness seem to get pushed out. A quick family picnic can be put in the schedule of springtime busyness.

A picnic is not hard to plan as you try to keep the family together during these busy times of the year. The environment of Lee County offers a perfect scene for a quick or prolonged family picnics, whatever fits your schedule. Our city parks offer a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic and play. Our area is blessed with such fine park facilities, that are family and child friendly.

This past week, my little preschool class and I were looking at the luscious green clover with white flowers. I was gently reminded that Thursday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. In  Ireland, the Irish honor Saint Patrick with both a holy day and national holiday. The Irish cherish their beautiful green countryside and remind themselves of the beauty of their country by wearing green. Although it began in Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in countries around the world with parades and other festive traditions. 

Key symbols that stimulate a lot of early childhood fun and curiosity are rainbows, four-leaf clovers, shamrocks and leprechauns. Families, if weather permits, why not take a spring walk through a cloverleaf bed safely to find that special four-leaf clover to make a wish on as tradition says.

Too, remember to wear something green so you don’t get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Talking about rainbows, March is recognized as “National Umbrella Month”. Early childhood teachers love to do umbrella crafts with paper plates, colorful construction paper, drawing and painting umbrellas present colorful creative challenges. Simple umbrella math is sorting umbrellas from largest to smallest, sorting different colors of umbrellas together. Have children count how many times you open and close an umbrella. Make this a movement exercise.

When the umbrella is pushed open they stand up, when the umbrella is closed they sit down. Too, carefully show your young child how to safely open and close an umbrella without getting pinched or poked in the eye or hurt. With March winds, it is good to show them how to hold the umbrella without the wind blowing it away. I love to set up a big umbrella and read stories to children under the shade of my umbrella reading center.

This coming Sunday, March 20, we welcome in the official day of Spring. Too, we celebrate the birthday of the humble, sweet children’s friend and educator Mr. Fred Rogers. Mister Roger’s Neighborhood began on Oct. 15, 1962, on Public TV, PBS, and aired till Aug. 31, 2001. The children’s series was created primarily for preschool ages 2 to 5 but truly Mister Roger’s neighborhood was appropriate for all ages.

Some life lessons that we learned from Mister Rogers include routine and that caring for others is a foundation key for each day; encouraging children to try something new even if they are not sure of themselves; loving your neighbor and loving yourself; how to be yourself. He would guide children to cherish the little things in life such as beauty in nature, accomplishing simple tasks, being able to button up a coat or sweater or tie a shoe. Yes, it is a wonderful day in our neighborhood of Lee County as we adopt the simple lessons that Mr. Rogers provided for children and that we grown-up children will never forget. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022, is National Agriculture Day. Teaching young children how food is produced is a valuable lesson. Guiding children to understand the process of food production and to learn about diet and health is a valuable lesson for children to understand. As a community, we want to thank all of those involved in agriculture.

Happy Spring everyone as we celebrate each day that God provides as a gift of a new day and a new season. 

Classroom Observer

Beth Pinyerd      


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