Carver Primary celebrates Black History


By Anna-Claire Terry
Staff Writer

As Black History month drew to an end, Carver Primary School celebrated with a Black History program and career day last Friday.
School counselor Shonta Sherfield, one of the program coordinators, said the best part about the annual program is how excited the students get about it.
“We do Martin Luther King, we do Rosa Parks- they know that stuff. But they get to go back and look at the different types of music, the art, the doctors, and they really get excited about it,” Sherfield said. “It makes me excited to see them excited because they turn into their characters, and they walk away knowing someone different in black history.”
Sherfield and school faculty write out a script for the program, and students act out their roles as famous African-Americans such as Dr. Benjamin Carson, Serena Williams, Cam Newton and Lebron James.
Parents, teachers, and the entire school assemble to watch the selected students participate in the play.
One group of second grade students was especially excited about their roles in the program, Zavier Dowdell was given the role of President Barack Obama.
“I’m excited that I get to learn more about all these famous African-Americans,” Dowdell said.
Leontae Pollard, Jay-Z for the day, said he was most excited about saying nice things about his wife, Beyonce and having the opportunity to dance.
James Kwart said playing the role of Hank Aaron in the program has given him the chance to learn a lot more about African-American history.
Kyndall Brundidge said the Black History program is one of her favorite events of the school year.
“This is my third year and my last year to get to do this. I’m very happy about being in the program one last time before I leave Carver,” Brundidge said.


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