Carrying Balloons

Bradley Robertson

By Bradley Robertson

Who among us does not want to see something good?

I believe that if I asked 100 people, they would all agree that they want to see good things take place. Now how we respond to good is another challenge, but we share the desire to know that good exists.

I see good in the Chick-fil-A line, in church worship and in the words and smiles of friends. Quite honestly, good is everywhere. Do we take good for what it is, or are we quick to dismiss it?

Are we too distracted to notice? Too caught up in “next” instead of “now?”

The good is there, it’s everywhere, because it’s You!

You are the good.

Your smile when you wake up and say, “Good Morning!”

Your efforts to feed for your family.

Your simple phone call just top say “Hello!” to a friend.

Biting your tongue when a car cut you off in traffic.

Slipping into another’s shoes for a new point of view.

A sweet gesture of coffee or lunch to bring a little cheer to another.

Words of kindness when you don’t feel like saying them.

A hug in silence, because words aren’t needed at all.

Showing up unexpected.

Carrying a load for another.

Looking up to someone, instead of down.

Waving, at anyone.

Smiling, at everyone.

Listening to better understand.

Giving instead of taking.

In an uncertain world we see today, the good exists when we give it away.

When you wake up each day, pretend like you’re carrying 25 colorful balloons, and give them away, one by one. A bit of good here, and a bit more there, and before we know it, the good of this world is everywhere.

Carry your balloons, friends! You are the good the world needs to see.


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