Business Council of Alabama Announces ‘Renew Alabama’

The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) has announced a four-year plan to propel Alabama to become a national leader in innovation, workforce development, healthcare and economic growth. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO




The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) has announced a four-year plan to propel Alabama to become a national leader in innovation, workforce development, health care and economic growth. BCA’s guiding principles for the quadrennium, which are outlined in a plan called “Renew Alabama,” was created and developed by BCA with direction from the BCA policy committees.

“Alabama can be a national model of economic growth and success,” said BCA President Helena Duncan. “From the Gulf Coast to the Tennessee Valley, you’ll find small businesses to large corporations primed to succeed and expand. This is the path to economic prosperity that our hardworking citizens deserve. The Business Council of Alabama is here to make it happen.”

BCA’s number-one legislative priority for the 2023 legislative session, and a key component of the “Renew Alabama” plan, remains supporting Gov. Kay Ivey’s “The Game Plan” to renew economic development incentives, which play a vital role in Alabama’s current and future economic success.

BCA will be working to ensure the best climate for innovation to thrive is provided throughout Alabama. Broadband infrastructure is a necessity in a modern economy and a critical part of providing access to adequate health care, particularly in our state’s rural areas. BCA will be actively promoting and encouraging policy that prioritizes this critical piece of infrastructure.

Also outlined in “Renew Alabama” is BCA’s commitment to supporting policies that give businesses the freedom to make their own decisions, and flexibility to adapt and shift to the needs and desires of the modern workforce. Government-regulated mandates increase the cost of doing business and tamper with the benefits of our free-market economy. Alabama’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and forcing expensive, unrealistic and often unneeded regulations puts them at a competitive disadvantage with businesses in other states.

Workforce development is also a major concern for BCA members and a legislative focus area in “Renew Alabama” in the next four years. There is a clear need for more trainable workers to backfill existing jobs. BCA has made a promise to help lawmakers find new and proactive solutions to further prepare Alabama’s workforce to fill the jobs of tomorrow.

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The Business Council of Alabama is Alabama’s foremost voice for business. The BCA is a non-partisan, statewide business association representing the interests and concerns of nearly 1 million working Alabamians through its member companies and its partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama. The BCA is Alabama’s exclusive affiliate to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.


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