Busby to wage write-in campaign for District 1 commission seat

State capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama, at night

By Fred Woods

Ken Busby has announced that he will wage a write-in campaign for County Commissioner, District 1, in the Nov. 8 General Election. Busby failed to get on the ballot as the Constitution Party candidate because, due to confusion over petition signatures, he didn’t have enough signatures of qualified District 1 voters on his petition.
Busby, who knows he faces an up-hill battle, will face incumbent Sheila Eckman for the commission post. Eckman was unopposed in the Republican primary last March.
Alabama law permits write-in voting in all but municipal elections and requires that ballots be constructed so voters can mark a write-in vote for each office in the same manner that votes are registered for candidates whose names are printed on the ballot.
\Write-in voting is covered in Alabama Code Title 17-6-28: “… In order to cast a valid write-in vote, the voter must (1) write the name (of the candidate) on the ballot and register the vote by a mark in the space designated for that office. A write-in vote shall not be counted if the vote is not registered as provided above…. “


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