Buckled Up? Opelika Gets Car Seat Safety Lesson

Lee County Sheriff’s Department Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Lt. Jessica Daley inspects a car seat. PHOTO BY MADELINE ACOSTA / FOR THE OBSERVER




On Thursday, Jan. 19, Lt. Jessica Daley held a demonstration at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office where she informed parents and guardians about car seat safety and how to correctly install the seats. These installations are free to the public, and parents are encouraged to sign up for an appointment.

Daley discussed the importance of proper car seat installations and how the main focus of these demonstrations is child safety.

“I’m all about keeping kids safe,” Daley said. “I’m all about everybody knowing easy ways to be safe and teaching them how to do it when we’re not around.”

Without the proper knowledge of how to install a child’s car seat, the risk of a child becoming injured is high, and the parents risk receiving a ticket under Alabama law for improper restraint of the child.

Car seats are dependent on the child’s age, weight and height, so knowledge of the proper installation is important for a child’s safety for each stage of growth. Not every car seat is manufactured the same, so these demonstrations help inform the parents and guardians of those differences each time the child moves to the next car seat.

“If I can teach the parents how to move the car seat when they get a new car, or when they give it to the grandparents and install it correctly, it actually gives the parents a little bit of empowerment,” Daley said. “That’s what makes it all worth it.”

On the Lee County Sheriff’s Department website, there is a link for parents and guardians to provide their information and make an appointment. If a parent or guardian does not have access to the website, they can call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 334-749-5651 to make an appointment by phone.


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