Ballet Academy in Opelika in danger of closing


Contributed by Claudia Curiel, GoFundMe

Ballet Academy in Opelika has been a place where young dancers have been able to learn ballet and make strong relationships with teachers and fellow students. Sadly, like many small businesses, the academy has been affected by the pandemic due to the initial shutdown in the spring as well as decreased enrollment.

They are now in danger of shutting down and have started a GoFundMe in the hopes of saving yet another small business from closing during the pandemic and keep the arts alive in Opelika.

“Please consider supporting the arts, specifically classical ballet in our area as it encourages both physical and mental fortitude in these challenging times,” said the Campaign Organizer Angela White. “We are desperate to keep the studio open and classical ballet thriving, but need your help to persevere during such an unprecedentedly difficult time.”

GoFundMe made the following statement on small businesses:

“We have seen an immense amount of global support on GoFundMe as communities band together across the globe to fundraise for the most vulnerable. Approximately 60% of fundraisers started in the US between March and August were for small businesses.

Through these last ten months, we have continued to see an increase in GoFundMe campaigns for small businesses and their staff. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic to varying degrees. It’s been inspiring to see how people are still lifting each other up through giving.”

To view the GoFundMe for Ballet Academy in Opelika, visit:


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