Auburn to Mail Voter Cards





Auburn’s municipal election is coming up soon — Aug. 23. The city of Auburn voted Tuesday night to approve a contract for mailing information cards to citizens.

The Auburn City Council voted to enter into a contract with Craft Master Printers for over $17,800 to mail postcards to citizens that contains their ward and polling location.

Auburn completed its redistricting process earlier in the year, which means that many voters will now vote in a new location and for a new council member.

“[I will] just encourage our community, we’ve been talking about this, really since the beginning of the year,” said Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. “Some of you will have changes in where you vote, and some of your wards have changed and so it’s very important, we’ve got about a month to go before the election, that you pay close attention to this.”

Anders also encouraged residents to reach out to their council members, city hall or himself with questions, or check the city’s website:

“We just want to make sure you know where to go on the 23rd so you can cast your vote,” he said.


– The council approved an alcohol beverage license for the Rusty Barrell, Inc. d/b/a Liquour Locker at 200 W. Glenn Ave., Suite 500.

– The council approved a tax abatement for Seohan Auto USA Corporation in the Auburn Technology Park West.

– The council approved a contract with Dell Marketing LP C/O Dell USA LP for Dell VxRail support renewal for over $48,200.

– The council approved a contract with Gonzalez-Strength & Associates, Inc. to executive the amendment No. 2 for a professional services agreement for the Auburn Soccer Complex for more than $118,000.

– The council approved a contract with The Frazer Lanier Company for general obligation warrants by the city for public capital improvement projects.

– The council approved right-of-way, drainage and utility easements for Dilworth Development, Inc. for a property in the Farmville Lakes, Phase 7.

– The council approved a drainage and unity easement for the Woodland Pines Elementary School Project.

– The council approved two board appointments to the Greenspace Advisory Board and two for the Planning Commission.

– The council approved a 22.87 acre annexation for the Glenwood Farm Annexation.

– The council approved a 6.82 acre annexation for the Tiger’s Shadow Annexation.

– The council approved a 7.27 acre annexation for the intersection of Health Road and Ensminger Road.

– The council rezoned 2.27 acres from Industrial to Comprehensive Development District for property at 3942 and 3957 Masters Court.

– The council rezoned 6.82 acres from Rural to Comprehensive Development District for property at 1945 Wire Road.

– The council approved a conditional use approval for Hydro Engineering Solutions on behalf of Greystone of Auburn, LLC, for a mini-warehouse/storage facility for the Greystone Commercial Development.

– The council approved a conditional use approval for Brett Basquin on behalf of Christopher Terrell for a multi-unit development for the Harper Avenue Triplex.

– The council approved a conditional use approval for Allen Harris on behalf of Tiger’s Shadow, LLC, for a multi-unit development for the Tiger’s Shadow Residential.

– The council approved a vacation for Core Auburn Glenn, LLC, for a drainage, utility and sidewalk easement at 366 Genelda Ave. They then approved the easements for the easement revisions of Hub on Campus on West Glenn.


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