Auburn Public Library Announces Learning to Read Workshops


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Cynthia Ledbetter

 The Auburn Public Library is pleased to host two reading workshops this fall. Each workshop is presented by Cora Connelly, a local reading specialist who is passionate about helping people learn to read. Each workshop will be held in person and virtually. Space is limited for the in-person sessions.

To register for the in-person session to either workshop, email or call 334-501-3296.

Thursday, Sept. 9, 6 to 7 p.m. —  Learning to Read and Spell

This workshop will introduce the science of reading and provide lots of practical tips for how to help your child (or yourself) improve literacy skills.

Did you know our brains were not made to read? They were made to talk, but learning to read and spell means our brain has to translate the spoken word into a code and back again. That’s why it isn’t natural and doesn’t “just happen” for more than half of all people. Knowing how we learn to read and spell is important for every parent, teacher or community member as they help children and adults succeed in this critical skill area.

Register for the live-streamed Learning to Read and Spell webinar online, here:

Thursday, Oct. 7, 6 to 7 p.m. —  Learning Difficulties

This workshop will consider the causes of difficulty, trouble-shooting when time and effort don’t seem effective, the signs and symptoms of dyslexia, recommendations for remediation and some accommodations for school success. The new Alabama Literacy Act and some of its specific impacts for our schools and children will be briefly explained, as well. Come start on the road to helping your growing or struggling readers.

Register for the live-streamed Learning Difficulties webinar online, here:

Cora Connelly is a local reading specialist who is passionate about helping people understand how to teach and help people in the area of reading. She is a master’s level Barton Reading tutor and an associate in the Academy of Orton Gillingham with a graduate degree in special education. She has many years of experience teaching children of all levels.


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