Auburn Council Considers LawnGolf Property





The Auburn City Council did not vote to amend conditional use approval for a property that will include pickleball and miniature golf in Auburn during its meeting Tuesday night. 

The new business, LawnGolf USA, will be located at 2601 E. University Drive. The amended use included the removal of a condition that said: “vegetation on the eastern portion of the property must remain undistributed. The owner would like to utilize this area for the construction of single-family residences.”

Ward 6 Council Member Bob Parsons raised concern that it looked like the remaining vegetation was already being uprooted. City Manager Megan Crouch said that invasive species were being removed, which is OK. The city said it wants to maintain the canopy of trees.

This item was postponed from Feb. 28.

The Planning Commission approved the request unanimously. There is no conditional use approval for the housing, Crouch said. This condition just needed removing for the developer to be able to place the housing.

Ward 3 Council Member Beth Witten asked the developer what assurances the council has that the developer will actually place the single-family homes if the condition is removed.

The developer shared their vision for the homes, in response.

“Well, what we want to do is just, we’re going to do three cottage homes, cottage garden homes, as a common buffer from the property that’s already underway [the entertainment uses],” he said.

Despite the condition not being removed, the entertainment uses will still be built.

In providing more information, the developer said that the entertainment uses probably won’t be used at night, as they decided against night lighting. The mini-golf will have 18 holes. However, it will also have a restaurant — so that will be used at night.

Ward 5 Council Member Sonny Moreman said that with the property only being 3 acres, the amount of things going into the property is a lot.

Ward 2 Council Member Kelley Griswold said that the residents of his ward, where the business will be located, have been against the property. Griswold said that he, too, was against it.

The condition was part of the reason for approval, he said, and now the developer wants to remove it.

Ward 8 Council Member Tommy Dawson agreed that this condition was part of the reason for approval.


– The council appointed two members to the Library Board.

– The council approved three members to the Historic Preservation Commission.

– The council approved a special events retail ABC license for Ithaka Hospitality Partners Auburn Beverage LLC d/b/a The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center.

– The council approved a restaurant retail liquor ABC license for Staks Auburn LLC d/b/a Stake Pancake Kitchen.

– The council provided a commendation to Auburn University SGA Director of City Relations Olivia Sutherland.

– The council postponed a vote on traffic calming devices for Fairway Drive.

– The council approved a preliminary engineering and construction agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation for the installation of two dynamic message signs on I-85 at MP 49.

– The council voted to approve an upgrade to the lights in the parking lot at the Auburn Softball Complex for over $16,800.

– The council voted to approve a two-year contract renewal for debt management and lease accounting software with Fifth Asset Inc. D/b/a Debt Book for just under $39,000.

– The council authorized a professional services agreement to create planned unit development regulations with Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. for over $99,000.

– The council voted to approve a contract with MXI Environmental Services LLC for the collection and disposal of household hazardous waste during Household Hazardous Waste events for $30,000 per event.

– The council approved the purchase of police vehicle equipment and installation for 12 vehicles from ProLogics ITS LLC, for the Auburn Police Division for over $129,100.

– The council approved a contract with Ryan Public Safety Solutions for FY23 support and maintenance services for over $35,800.

– The council accepted public utility easement and a public utility, sidewalk and lighting easement for property at 603 Harper Ave. for the Summer Hill Twinhomes, a redivision of Lots 14 and 15 James and Ware Subdivision with JTF Properties Inc.

– The council approved three positions to the Commercial Development Authority.


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