Auburn City Council to Send Survey to Residents




The Auburn Parks and Recreation Department is sending out a survey to citizens asking what kind of programs they want to see in the city.

“I would encourage people in our community to take advantage of that opportunity and share your thoughts and answer those questions for parks and rec so we can better deliver the services that you’re asking for, so please be looking for that,” said Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. 

The survey is a partnership with Auburn Univeristy, said Auburn Parks and Recreation Director Becky Richardson. The department is looking for thoughts on ways the programs can be expanded or on new programs completely.

“It’s an online survey and they will also have focus groups and such once the survey is complete,” she said.


– The council approved an alcohol beverage license for Whitley Hall Catering, LLC d/b/a Cerulean Wine Bar.

– The council approved an alcohol beverage license for Taco Tequila Bar and Grill, LLC d/b/a Taco Tequila Bar and Grill.

– The council approved a concurrence for the Industrial Development Board for building improvements to facilities owned by the board in Auburn Technology Park South.

– The council approved a tax abatement for Winkelmann Flowform Technology.

– The council approved the purchase of eight Harris Mobile XG-25M 700/800 MHZ Radios and six Kenwood 700/800 Digital P25 radios for the Auburn Police Division for over $36,300.

– The council approved additional funding of over $8,900 for underground power for the new environmental services and public works facility. The total contract for the project will cost over $67,700.

– The council approved the purchase of a 2023 International HV607 SBA 4×2 Cab and Chassis with Maverick Dump Body for the Water Resource Management for over $112,900.

– The council approved a utility easement for University Station Parking at Donahue LLC.

– The council approved a board appointment to the Auburn Public Library Board.

– The council approved a vacation for an unneeded easement for True Deliverance Holiness Church.


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