Auburn Approves Downtown Target





Target is coming to downtown Auburn.

129 North College Fund, LLC, is taking a portion of north college street and redeveloping it into a target and 32 housing units, market-rate apartments.

“The city of Auburn, in exchange for development in a key economic corridor and for adding new jobs and a new component to the tax base of the city, will remit to 129 North College Fund, LLC, for a period not to exceed 15 years, portions of certain sales and use tax to be levied and collected by the city,” said documents from the city.

The city cannot reimburse more than $2.5 million. $150,000 for the first 10 years and $200,000 for the remaining five.

The Target will be roughly 19,200 square feet. The retail space will be where Quixotes and the University Inn Hotel used to operate.

“The rebate will be used to offset costs incurred by the owner for the development of the 19200 sf retail space,” the documents said.

Planning Commission documents said that the Target, and housing units, will be in line with the Downtown Master Plan.

A lighted pathway will connect Wright Street Parking Deck and North College Street and more parking will be added.

“The Master Plan of the City contains, among other things, the promotion of essential services for citizens living within the Auburn downtown core, one of which is convenient quality grocery store and related services, and the city believes the products to be offered by Target through its grocery store operations at the Development helps satisfy that need, while also providing additional commercial options to those and other citizens of the City,” documents said.

“I’m just excited that we’re going to have a Target and we can now shop in Auburn if we want to shop at Target,” said Ward 3 Council Member Beth Witten. “And I commend the developers for your due diligence and your steadfastness in making sure that that parcel is developed in a manner that is keeping with the growth in our community and bringing something that is needed to the downtown area, so thank you for that.”


– The Auburn City Council approved an alcohol beverage license for Tavern On The Trax.

– The council provided a commendation for Auburn University SGA Director of City Relations Anna Coker.

– The council voted to authorize the 2021 Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Annual Report and submit it to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for the H.C. Morgan Water Pollution Control Facility and the Northside Water Pollution Control Facility.

– The council voted to approve a contract with the Alabama Department of Transportation for landscaping at Exit 57, the Lighting and Landscape Project.

– The council voted to approve a contract with the Alabama Department of Transportation for maintenance agreements for warning devices and sidewalk improvements on South College Street for over $39,000.

– The council voted to approve, in conjunction with the Auburn University Regional Airport and the city of Opelika, to support a letter of intent from the airport to the Federal Aviation Administration for the Airport Improvement Program for the runway safety area project.

– The council voted to approve a contract with Chambley’s Display Fireworks for July 4th for more than $20,000.

– The council voted to approve a contract with D&J Enterprises, Inc. for a connector road, the Will Buechner Parkway for more than $6.6 million.

– The council voted to approve a contract with Otto Environmental Systems (AZ), LLC for garbage collection fans for more than $69,500.

– The council voted to approve a contract with Tiger Tree Experts, Inc. d/b/a Halls Tree Service for tree removal for $22,500.

– The council approved a reciprocal easement agreement for various easements for 129 North College Fund, LLC.

– The council approved a temporary construction easement for Cornerstone United Methodist Church and Jerome and Cheryl M. Milner for the Hamilton Road Improvements Project.

– The council approved a board appointment for the Greenspace Advisory Board.

– The council approved an ordinance to update speeds on traffic control signs and devices for St. Michael Catholic School.

– The council approved a drainage and utility easement vacation for Selby Enterprises, LLC.

– The council approved a commercial development agreement for 129 North College Fund, LLC.


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