Auburn Approves Contract For Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center

Jan Dempsey Arts Center




The Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center is getting a facelift.

The community center is not only being updated to be fully ADA-compliant, but is also getting an additional building which will include a multi-purpose room, dance studio and ceramics studio.

The project will cost the city of Auburn over $4.6 million, but the Auburn City Council approved the resolution to award the bid for the completion to W.W. Compton Contractor, LLC.

“I think it’s important for our community to understand is that it’s not just what’s going to happen at Jan Dempsey but now what’s going to happen at Dean Road, and this is going to make our Dean Road facility — we’re going to have more capacity for our therapeutics programs here in our community,” said Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. “And if you know, a certain segment of our population that continues to grow, it’s our citizens that have special needs and unique circumstances, and this will allow us to do even more programming for them over at Dean Road. So this is a great opportunity for us to kind of reimagine what Dean Road functions as.”


The council also voted to approve a fund delegation of $3.3 million to the East Alabama Health Care Authority from the American Rescue Plan Act state funding and the local fiscal recovery funding.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, East Alabama Healthcare Authority (EAH) found it necessary to hire contract medical staff due to staffing shortages and challenges in the healthcare industry response to the pandemic,” according to the city’s e-packet. “EAH’s tireless efforts in responding to COVID-19 helped keep our community safe and healthy during this difficult time.”

EAH has spent roughly $15 million on that staffing since March 3, 2021, and requested the $3.3 million, which the city approved.

“The city of Auburn received $16,523,077 from the ARPA SLFRF program for the purpose of fighting the pandemic and supporting families and businesses struggling with its public health and economic impacts, as well as building a strong, resilient and equitable recovery by making investments that support long-term growth and opportunity,” said a memorandum from City Manager Megan Crouch to the council.

This request and amount had been previously discussed in budget workshops and discussions and included int he FY 2023-2024 budget.


– The council approved a contract with Communications International Inc. for the purchase of 10 Harris Mobile XG-25M 700/800 MHZ Radios for the Auburn Police Division for over $28,400.

– The council approved a contract with Cues Inc. for the purchase of a replacement CUES CCTV Inspection Camera PCU-Unit MD640 LX800 K2 for a little over $18,000.

– The council approved a contract with Dell Marketing L.P. for the purchase of 14 Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged laptops with auto adapters for the Auburn Police Division for over $35,500.

– The council approved two separate contracts with Toter, LLC for the purchase of 694 96-gallon recycling carts for the Auburn Recycling Division for a little over $39,400.

– The council approved a contract with Woolpert Inc. for the Lee County Cooperative Aerial Project for over $184,000.

– The council approved the establishment of six stop signs and a 25 MPH sign in The Silos at Conway Subdivision.

– The council decided to postpone an item to Dec. 20 for the rezoning of 5.69 acres from Limited Development District to Comprehensive Development District for property at 3022 Cox Road for B&B Self Storage Center, LLC.

– The council approved a contract with Bradley Heating & Plumbing Inc. for the installation of air conditioning at the Frank Brown Recreation Center gymnasium and the Boykin Community Center gymnasium for over $578,900.

– The council approved a contract with Ingram Equipment Company for the purchase of two 2024 Mack LR with Heil DPPYTHON 28-yard Automated Side Loading Refuse Collection Body trucks for the Environmental Services Department for over $764,900.

The next meeting will be held on Dec. 6.


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