American Ramp Company holds demonstration at Sportsplex



By Morgan Bryce
Opelika Observer

The Opelika Sportsplex hosted a pump track demonstration on Tuesday afternoon, giving Opelika residents a chance to try out their bikes or scooters on the short but challenging track.
Working in cooperation with American Ramp Company the Sportsplex saw this event as an opportunity for Opelika residents to get a taste of what a real skate park is like. Brandon Robinson, skate parks specialist with ARC, said that the contributions of a skate park or pump track to a city like Opelika would be invaluable.
“What we’re demonstrating here is a pump track, which is almost always a big part of a skate park,” Robinson said. “Having something like a pump track or skate park I believe is important, because it promotes health and wellness, a place where a community can come together and is relatively low maintenance for the city. Any way you look at it, it’s a great idea.”
A pump track usually consists of dirt or hard plastic and can be ridden by bicycles, scooters or skateboards. Robinson said the most cost effective choice would be plastic like the one at the event, but he feels the most genuine, authentic pump track riding experience can be found on a dirt track.
Will Goodland, a member of Auburn High’s mountain biking team, said he was excited to ride on the track.
“This is my first time riding an actual pump track,” Goodland said. “I heard about the event today through some friends of mine on the team, and I’m really excited to try riding it. I hope there is a skate park built around here because a lot of people would go there and play around.”
The event ran from 3-6 p.m., and a meeting of Opelika’s Park and Recreation Board was held afterward for the public to give opinions on the possibility of a skate park in the city.


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