All I really want for Christmas


I stumbled upon a song today. I actually was looking over my daughter’s shoulder as she was looking for Christmas music on the Internet. I made her stop on a song by Christian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman that I didn’t recognize.

My daughter hesitated. We were both in a festive moods and this was clearly one of those tug at your heartstrings kind of songs.

The song is from the perspective of a child in foster care.

He is writing a letter to Santa. He voices his doubt that his letter will even get to the jolly old elf but he is giving it one more shot.

He describes himself as the red haired kid in the old green flannel shirt, he tells Santa that he hasn’t felt like coming right out and asking for his heart’s desire, perhaps because he thinks it may be too good to be true. He only wants one thing, but it is a big request. He wants a family

November is adoption month. It is not a month to send anyone on a guilt trip but it is an opportunity for people to become educated.


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