ALGOP Chairman issues statement on Sen. Jones’s MSNBC appearance


Special to the
Opelika Observer

“During these unprecedented threatening times in our state and nation, Senator Doug Jones chose to go on MSNBC to attack Republicans for introducing a bill that would help small business owners who are negatively impacted by the Coronavirus epidemic – some who will permanently lose their entire livelihood for their families. He called the Senate bill “a political stunt.”

“Senator Jones, this is not a ‘political stunt’. This ‘thing’ – as you called it – is relief for our people who are suffering from the negative economic impact this crisis is having on our state and nation. They need it fast and they need it now.
“It’s time for Senator Jones to join in President Trump’s ‘Whole of America’ response to the pandemic – with everyone working together – instead of being Chuck Schumer’s partisan knee jerk messenger on liberal MSNBC.
“His use of time on MSNBC instead of working on this problem is the perfect example of a ‘political stunt.’”

Terry Lathan
Chairman, Alabama Republican Party


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